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Real marketing results in days not in months

38 % of your revenues from automation

70 % higher retention of customers

6 x lower number of abandoned carts

223 % higher CTR

150 % higher website conversion

use of artificial intelligence - machine learning

SALESmanago is an AI Commerce Growth Platform combining customer data, omnichannel marketing automation and analytics. It is an easy-to-use enterprise-grade NO-CODE solution that makes interactions with your customers exceptionally personal.

Solutions dedicated to selected industries

#1 AI Marketing Automation & CDP

Build brand awareness and enhance shoping repeatability to increase loyalty and extend customer retention.

Solutions for Beauty
Pharma and Cosmetics industry


Offer products in line with the user’s interests to increase loyalty and automatically react on changes in shopping activity to extend customer retention.

Solutions for
fashion industry


Personalize your website and decrease abandoned application forms rate thanks to customer behaviour tracking and automatic alerting to sales reps and call center. Generate more valuable prospects.

Solutions for finance industry


Personalize your website and promote top travelpicks to reduce abandoned bookings rate. Extend retention through loyalty programs and cross-sell campaigns.

Solutions for travel industry


Only 17 % of companies use personalization in 4 or more channels

Personalization is becoming increasingly important not only for marketers but also for customers. Despite this, companies do not use it as much as they could. During the first year after implementation, only 17 % of companies implemented personalization in 4 or more channels

Personalization is important for customers

Personalization is becoming increasingly important not only for marketers and companies but also for customers. According to Accenture research, 91 % of people prefer to shop at stores that provide personalized offers and recommendations.

Moreover 83 % of customers are willing to give away part of their data to create a more personalized shopping experience.


Most companies only implement personalization through a few channels

According to a new report by Merkle Insights, only 17 % of companies implement personalization in four or more channels within first year of implementation of CMP (Customer Management Platform). The total number overall of companies that implement personalization in more than four channels is 50 %.

In the research conducted in the fourth quarter of 2019, personalization is most often used in the case of e-mail and websites, and much less frequently in case of browsers, mobile web-pushes, or SMS and chat rooms. 

Personalization in SALESmanago for any e-commerce or B2B business

One of the systems containing the CDP (Customer Data Platform) module and offering personalization solutions in many channels is SALESmanago Marketing Automation, which offers such solutions as website personalization, responsive content creator, communication personalization or real time content personalization.

Download eBook Online Consumer Trends 2019

We’ve researched 500 mid‑size european e‑commerces and analyzed 1,5 billion on‑line events,
120 million transactions worth over $500 million.



The world where software is implemented without measuring the ROI is over. That’s why we closely monitor the effects of SALESmanago usage in all projects. See what results are achieved by SALESmanago customers, and download our case study presentation to learn more.


Yves Rocher

Boosts email efficiency by 1200 % with personalized, dynamic offers, and increases the number of new leads with a personalized offer of product sets presented on the website.



Due to the use of intelligent lead generation forms with dynamic content achieves a 220 % higher conversion of form fillings compared to static contact forms. This significantly translates into high OR and CTR rates of welocme emails.


New Balance

Uses automatic campaigns with content tailored to website visitors gender, footwear type and clothing they browsed, obtaining a result of 400 % higher OR and CTR compared to mass email campaigns.


Isuzu Motors

Enhances its lead management process and improves sales by 17 % thanks to the use of automated sales funnels and personalization of sales process.

Marketing solutions used by the world’s largest brands now accessible for smaller businesses

How Marketing Automation can help you?

  • To get you new customers
  • Expand your list of email contacts
  • Customers Segmentation – keep your customers perfectly organized
  • Integrated CRM module with customer 360 view
  • Automated email campaigns without limiting the number of sent emails
  • Emails will be sent when your customers opens emails most often
  • Email content will contain information that customers really want (1-1 communication)
  • Customers will see the products they intend to buy on your website and in online advertising or social media
  • Lower the number of abandoned carts
  • Save time chatting with customers – artificial intelligence chatbot does it for you
  • Your conversion rates and sales will increase

What are the SALESmanago features? 

  • Identification of website visitors
  • CRM & Contacts Management
  • E-mail marketing with dynamic email content
  • Omnichannel automation and workflows
  • Contact forms and landing pages
  • Web Push Notification
  • Live chat with Customer Intelligence
  • Advanced website personalization
  • Smart recommendations with products analytics
  • Social networks management
  • Personalized business panels
  • Mobile marketing
  • Recommendations for machine learning and AI
  • B2C Sales chatbot with recommendations
  • FRM Analytics & Automation
  • Automation in Mobile Application
  • Progressive profiling
  • Dynamic ads remarketing
  • Customized dynamic website content
  • Track and run custom behaviour
  • Dynamic discount automation
  • Custom eCommerce product
  • Custom IT development and integration

SALESmanago Platform Licences


The richest in native features platform on the planet


Unlimited usage (emails sent, users, API) in one price


Free Onboarding & Support


Best Time to Value


Two months of Free Trial - Proof of Concept

Free Products

Are you a beginner?
Chose one and use it for free

Key Features
  • CRM
  • Live Chat
  • Email marketing
  • Generate leads
  • Web Push

Professional License

Advanced set of professional tools
for Midsize Companies and Online Stores

Key Features
  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Omnichannel Workflows
  • Cross Channel Revenue Attribution
Basic Features
  • Website Visitor Identification & Tracking
  • 360 Customer View (Behaviour & Transactions)
  • Email marketing
  • Autoresponders and Sales Alerts
  • Landing Pages & Contact Forms
  • Marketing Campaign Calendar
  • Lead Nurturing for Online Stores
  • Abandoned Cart Recovery
  • Web Browser Push Notifications
  • Live Chat
  • Marketing Automation Worflows
  • Dynamic 1-to-1 Emails with Recommendations
  • Dynamic Website Content with Recommendations
  • Anonymous Marketing Automation
  • Social Media Posting & Ads Integration
  • Notifications with Recommendations in Browser: Web Push
  • Campaign Management
  • Event Management
  • ABX Content Testing
Easy Wizards
  • Contacts Import
  • Contacts Segmentation
  • Send Email and Newsletter
  • Send Alert to Sales Team
  • Contact Forms and Landing Pages
  • Automation Workflows
  • Lead Nurturing for eCommerce
  • Personalized Website Banners
  • Dynamic Content ABX Testing
  • Dynamic Emails & Recommendation Frames
Reports & Analytics
  • General Database Analytics
  • Email Marketing Analytics
  • Sales Dashboards
  • Sales Funnels Analytics
  • eCommerce Transaction Analytics
  • Google Analytics eCommerce Dashboard
  • Dynamic Content Analytics
  • Lead Generation Analytics
  • Lead Routing Analytics
  • Campaign Analytics
  • Landing Pages Analytics
Integrations & Plugins
  • Basic API Access
  • Popular eCommerce Platforms Plugins
  • Full API Access
  • Product Data Feeds
  • Google Analytics Integration


Complete AI powered CDP with Omnichannel Execution & eCommerce Intelligence

Key Features

All Features in Proffesional +

  • AI & Machine Learning
  • Deep Behavioural Tracking
  • Online & Offline Data Integration
Basic Features
  • SALESmanago Copernicus – Machine Leaning & AI
  • Customer Buying Behaviour Machine Learning
  • Website Automation
  • Custom Automation Triggers
  • Custom Dynamic Content & Personalization
  • Advanced Digital Body Language Tracking
  • AI Sales Chatbot with Product Recommendations
  • SALESmanago Mobile
  • Progressive Profilling
  • Dynamic Remarketing
  • IT & Consulting Support Package
  • RFM Segmentation & Automation
  • Intelligent Pop-ups with Recommendations
Reports & Analytics
  • Custom Sales Reports
  • Custom Conversion Reports
Integrations & Plugins
  • IBeacons Integration for Offline Tracking
  • Custom Integrations
  • Custom API Methods

eCommerce & B2C SALESmanago customers reviews

We chose SALESmanago for it’a extensive array of features and enhanced capabilities. I knew that is was going to be lot to learn in a short time, but then there was the Customer Success team. Our project manager helped me through all the complexity when trying to launch advanced campaigns. She knew the product like the map to Harry Potter’s Chamber of secrets and helped me unleash the magic of SALESmanago. Why does this matter you ask, well, once you start using a tool like this to grow your business, you will very quickly want to take advantage of all the wizardry it has for automation and lead scoring. We hit a 35% open rate which is almost the highest I have ever seen. I highly recommed SALESmanago and their CS team will drive your success. Thanks SALESmanago!
Coy Gupta, Head of SearchNBC Sports Group and NBC Olympics, USA
At Bluekvark, we started using SALESmanago believing there is not another platform at its price range that has this wide range of features. The daily use of the system has proven the theory. It works with ease, gives great user experience and has a cooperative, allways-ready support team that allows you to go innovative.
Csaba Orosz, Business partnerBluekvark, Hungary
1. Detailed oriented and makes complicated issues look very simple. 2. Always finds solutions to complex problems. Does not give up. 3. Very good at training. Also very professional with good communication skills. 4. So far we have been able to meet our target for our email campaigns because Alex made things easier for us by spending more time with us even when he had to go home. 5. We are so excited we want to keep him us our personal support due to his work ethic.
Kofi Siaw, FounderCavalier Advisory, Czech Republic
As a customer of SALESmanago, we are verifying that it is an efficient tool and we hope that it can help us in our sales expectations. We value qualified personnel and dedicated support that is implied at all times, much more than expected. Their team consistently offers us ideas to improve our marketing strategies, which we value greatly.
Adrián Andrade, Account DirectorAndrade Asociados, Spain
SALESmanago allows you to automatically ensure constant contact with the brand’s customers. The application of the system allowed to achieve large increases in conversion rates and opened many new opportunities for the development of further CRM activities. Innovations are the domain of the BIODERMA brand, and the SALESmanago system is a collection of innovative solutions in the field of marketing automation.
Ewelina Sznyrowska, CRM SpecialistBioderma, Poland
I like the program for it’s ease of use and the way you can automate almost anything. But that’s not the best. The best is the support we have. They go above and beyond to fix any issue or help you with setting up. Even for the smalles thing! They way that these guys have helped me out of forest fires, bad emails, or just general advice. Especially our own project manager is has been amazing. He would even be available outside of office hours… Even though I wouldn’t advise it.
Dax Pegels, Marketing ManagerRob Aalders Coaching, The Netherlands
I like the variety of tools and features that SalesManago offers me, not just for website but for other digital channels like social media and advertising. Also, their customer support is spectacular. I was always one of people who didn’t care about customer support too much as long as the product is good, but I was wrong. With so many various tools and possibilities SalesManago offers me, I find myself almost everyday wanting an advice how to make something better, and SalesManago customer support always steps in. Sometimes I feel like I have one more person next to me in the office, and that is a nice feeling of security to have.
Nino Stojanović, Marketing SpecialistAminess, Croatia
After implementation we could use SALESmanago agile and fast. Support is really great in problem solving, in addition their availability is excellent as well SALESmanago is up-to-date in innovations and is capable to adjust for unique needs also.
András Szegedin, Digital Interaction Management Group HeadMagyar Telekom (T-Mobile), Hungary
SALESmanago is "all in one" software where you can find all the necessary features to plan a great digital marketing strategy (pop-ups, web-pushes, e-mail marketing, landing pages, chat, etc.). You can also segment all your users sending them personalized communications with help of automation rules or workflows. Now it is even easier to understand users behaviour and analyze the results of our strategies! In conclusion, SALESmanago is a good opportunity to increment your business!
Enrico Geminian, CEOMyselleria, Italy
SALESmanago, support is very quick. The team helped me to organise my thoughts and implement my strategy to the system with my own learning path. They are people centric, and they adjust the training according to the customer needs. Although, I am new user to the SALESmanago solution, I am certain about the successful use and implementation for our eshop needs.
George Filippotis, CEOEcho Deco, Greece
We are an online shop. We don’t have our own IT department. The best thing is, that the SALESmanago team has always been there to give us a helping hand. It made using the system very easy for us, especially that we are not programmers or IT specialists at all. Our project manager guides us, gives us suggestions, and for all the time is there for us.
Tomaž Bračko, CMOIdealia D.O.O., Slovenia
I consider SALESmanago a great tool since the first product and tools presentation and we have not been disappointed in any way, on the contrary. Is a great, complex and easy to use tool every marketer should use. Its complex reporting system is indeed helpful and offers the freedom to set a very specific reporting system for each and every type of campaign having in regard different KPIs. Moreover our Projects Manager was an absolute great help for us from the first time, no matter that working with us might have been fun but not easy at all. Professional attitude, warm approach, clear instructions, a lot of patience, immediate feedbacks, profound interest in our results are just a few of the qualities we have been welcomed by our Projects Manager and she personally has put that fine touch in everything we worked with SALESmanago. I already recommended SALESmanago to all my pears and I will continue to.
Alexandra LonescuiCentre, Romania
I would like to highlight the work and attention delivered to me, regarding all about training, explanations, and education in SALESmanago platform. The full information given through Support Team is like added value to make right decisions and go forward with this project. I also want to give thanks for the kindness, closeness, and professional work. And one more thing is the fact that your team has support in Spanish, that point is strongly important to boost the Spanish market.
Marcelo César PaladinoMarcelo César Paladino, Spain
SALESmanago account management is extremely efficient and well organized. Our project manager is fast in reply and efficient is solution finding and advice recommendation. Being new to the technology, we have worked very close to support and received guidance and solutions to our questions and issues. We are also on top of the new developments of SALESmanago thanks to our project manager’s openness to always present us novelties and support in deciding which works for us and in what moment. Happy customers with both our account and the solution.
Adelina Toma, Online ManagerCosmetics Oriflame Romania SRL, Romania
I am very satisfied with the training given in SALESmanago by Alexander. I have learned a lot from him, and has been an excellent coach. He is a very kind, and patient person, who has cleared all my doubts on the right moment. I have also received interesting material to read, as well as very kind attention to follow my concerns and solve them. Definitely, he has been a good support for me.
Paola PonceGrupocom Ecuador, Ecuador
We’d like to express our gratitude for your flawless support. Especially the speed of responses is amazing and not very common these days. Also, relevancy of the information about the system that is provided is great. In comparison with other services we are using you’re at the top.
Petr KunátKnihcentrum, Czech Republic

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According to the license type, your contacts database and other demanded services we will prepare a tailor made price offer


We will implement the system and you will be able to test the platform for free in the first two months. NO RISK - NO OBLIGATIONS


We can train your staff to operate the platform. Or we can manage the system for you. We could become your remote marketing department and save you a lot of time and costs


We can create or edit your website or tweak the content, sales or landing pages. We are able to take care of your online marketing as well and set all necessary tools that everything will work without any flaws and will deliver outstanding results

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We are a digital agency providing data-driven solutions for e-shops. As a Diamond Partner of the SALESmanago platform, we provide consulting, education, implementation and full service in marketing automation field with clear results and calculated returns.

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